Shimla Himachal

Shimla retains its colonial heritage, so if you will come to this beautiful hill station you will get to explore a lot of construction of colonial era, but the beautiful hill station is not recognized for its constructions but for its astonishing and eye catching natural beauty,. If you will, come to shimla you will see sky touching trees, snow-capped peaks, green valleys, the beauty, pine, oak and deodar. On top of everything the place has awesome weather and the terrain changes its moods with the seasons ad owing to this, its has become one of the most attractive hill stations of north India.

To see the beauty of Shimala throughout the year tourists use to o come , but peak season is in-between May and October and in the month of December, tourists flock to Shimla to enjoy the pleasant snowfall.

As Shimla has a regular flow of tourists throughout the year, So if you are coming in spring

you will even get to see some of the best sunsets in the world and might enjoy Anglo-Saxon names, m the cottage-pattern houses charming iron lampposts, old Tudor and Georgian And many more. If we go back to our ancient age, we can come to know that the name Shimla derives from goddess 'Shayamla Devi'. The place is blessed with blessed with natural beauty which is well surrounded by green pastures and he spectacular. Not only has this had it title of " Queen of Hills Situated in the North-West Himalayas, where the temperature is varies from a maximum of 10-11 degrees. This is the reason, shimla has tourists through out the year.

Winter becomes a frost glistening silent city and the season is known as “Long moon-night where one can see gathering of dark clouds. The morning sees the town as a fantastic fairyland of white beauty, so come and enjoy the snowflakes sweep of shimla.

Famous spots: Mall and the Ridge Road in Shimla, Jakhoo Hill, Shimla State Museum, Christ Church, Annandale, Wild Flower Hall, George Castle,